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Website Flat Illustration
Christmas in the Mountains
The Heart of the Circus
Beach Days
Adelaide Fringe Festival 2021 Poster Competition
Family Merry Christmas Card
Adam & Eve
New Moon
Wine label illustration
Halloween Cocktail Menu. Suzie Wong Bar Vol. III
Love Talisman. Illustration for Suzie Wong Bar. Vol III
Snow Globe
A dream of Coffee
'You Make Me Roar'
Bye 2020
Cyclist Series.
Choose Local
Carrying Emotional Weight with a Smile
Take Care
Like an Open Book
A special book
Bird Mail
Dia de los Muertos
Hunting on the Day of the Dead––
Sun Wukong. Illustrations for Suzie Wong Bar. Vol. I
Neko-cat. Illustration for Suzie Wong Bar. Vol. II
From the series of illustrations telling a story about Suzie Wong and Neko-cat time travel adventures.
Creative Frustration
Expressing the creative frustration that every artist experiences in their career. Losing motivation, questioning your skills and abilities, constant destructive monologue inside of the person's head. On a technical level improved my digital painting skills, worked on depicting facial expressions.
Kilimanjaro Safari Music Poster
Contour Babes
High School Love. Tash
High School Love. Ami
High School Love. Emmanuelle
Dragon Fruit Passion
Vampire's Tales
Pushing the boundaries in my creative practice, going from pencil and watercolour artwork to colouring existing sketches digitaly.
Archeology of details
One of most common approaches to my composition organising process is a pattern-looking surrounding area for a character that speaks for him. Defining a character by details, a well-known deductive method.
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